MBS Trailers & Caravan Hire
MBS Trailers & Caravan Hire

Triple Motorbike Trailer


MBS 3 x Motorbike Trailer


The Motorbike trailer can take up to 3 bikes and can be used on a standard B cat licence. Straps included


Hire For A Day, Week Or a Month.


Trailer Size

Bed 7’4” x 4’ (2.25m x 1.22m )

Overall Length 5’1” (1.50m )

Height 16” ( 0.45m )

Gulley Length 7’3” ( 2.2m )

Gulley Width 6” ( 0.15m )



Carrying Capacity 550Kg

Unladen Weight 200Kg

Total 750Kg


Sorn motorbikes taken for MOT and return

Sorn motorbikes moved legally

Non Taxed motorbikes moved legally

Non-runners moved

Up to 550KG bikes can be transported

Motorbike recovery

Auction Motorbikes


We can offer a delivery & pick up service.

For more details & hire rates



07801 319800

(Plymouth area).







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